„Design sucks!“


Was ist das wohl:

Volksmund, Reflexion oder Vandalismus?
Und was genau will uns das sagen?
Ist das nun ein Kommentar …

Ein Kommentar …

… zu oder als Design?

… von einem und/ oder über Designer?


Woher kommt eigentlich der Ausdruck „suck“?

suck (v.)

„Old English sucan „to suck,“ from a Germanic root of imitative origin (cognates: Old Saxon, Old High German sugan, Old Norse suga, Danish suge, Swedish suga, Middle Dutch sughen, Dutch zuigen, German saugen „to suck“), possibly from the same source as Latin sugere „to suck,“ succus „juice, sap;“ Old Irish sugim, Welsh sugno „to suck;“ see sup (v.2). As a noun from c.1300.

Meaning „do fellatio“ is first recorded 1928.

Slang sense of „be contemptible“ first attested 1971 (the underlying notion is of fellatio). Related: Sucked; sucking.

Suck eggs is from 1906.

Suck hind tit „be inferior“ is American English slang first recorded 1940.

The old, old saying that the runt pig always sucks the hind teat is not so far wrong, as it quite approximates the condition that exists. („The Chester White Journal,“ April 1921)“

Quelle: Online Etymology Dictionary – Stand: Juni 2014


10. Juni 2014