PICO-8 Game Jam

Mit Max Haesslein + Tilman Zitzmann
Projektwoche 20.-24. Juni 2016
Technische Hochschule Nuernberg – Fakultaet Design

Play the Jump'n'Runs!



Pig on the run.

Kanu Pham

Space Rabbit

Help space rabbit find all stars to build its star dust army.

Johanna Grzesny

Hungry Monkey

Oh no! The Pirates stole all your food! But you’re lucky: they are super messy and left the fruit all over the place. Time to get it back and punch some bad guys!

Joana Oehm


Voyd explores the dangerous underground to find the ruins of ancient times.

Jeff Chi

Strongest Warrior (2p)

A fierce samurai. A nameless swordsman. They will settle who truly is: The Strongest Warrior. Local two player game!

Sandra Meier

Snowflake Run

Help the vegetarian penguin find the rare antarctic strawberries!

Leonie Reimann


Stranded on a far-off planet without fuel or money …

Max Häßlein


You awake. Alone in the dark. The way back up is locked. You can only go further down, into the darkness.